The poker idea is heavy inspired by the game called Poker Night At The Inventory. Five players (including us the player of the actual video game), and those 4 characters are what make the game to become more colorful with their wacky personalities. And the crossover we never expected to see, who actually expected Ashley from Evil Dead interacting with Sam from well…Sam and Max, by asking what life is like being a talking dog following up by many questions too.

Basically Poker table could be both conversation place or psychology battle at the same time. It’s an intriguing set up,=.


And this project will focus more on Comedy, pacifically Absurdism in comedy.

Some example on poker comedy:

The best example for Absurdity humor this is Gintama, a fairly famous Japanese anime that’s well known for wacky sense of humor (Absurd comedy, Fourth breaking, parody) and great action. But we will mainly focus on the humor aspect, its comedy is over the top and bizarre but it is not random and out of the context humor from that certain episode. (Credit to this site.) (Random humor like; Fooly Cooly, Nichijou and Bobobo are excellent sources) This type could also turn people away if things do not make sense or are too chaotic. So it is great to be unexpected and over the top but do not go overboard.

The comedy need to built up from one bizarre things to the other while make sense within that context/situation. By having one sane character reacting and try to rationalize by questioning the same thing as the watchers try to or have a sudden dramatic change in the art style/use exaggerated facial expressions if the characters were in shock or know they are screwed, is the key sprinkle of it.  Many pictures here won’t make much sense without knowing what happened first hand in the episode.











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